You Just Might a Prophet

Prophesying in the church is a part of Christian ministry.  It is just as important the uplifting of the Church.  However, if you prophesy, it doesn’t mean you’re a Prophet.  God can use us all in the gift of prophecy.   God will use any Christian who is open and available to the Holy Spirit. You can give a Prophetic… Read More »

Domestic Abuse in Christian Homes

Domestic Abuse, are you a Victim?  Many women experience domestic abuse in the marriage or dating relationships.  A Christian woman is not exempt from this abuse.  I have even known of well-respected Pastors and spiritual leaders who abuse their wives and husbands. What do we mean when we say abuse?  What is domestic abuse?  It is the practice of… Read More »

Are you Hearing God’s Voice

Are you Hearing God’s Voice of God?  Can we discern the voice of God? How do you know when God is speaking? This is a good question, because, we remember the biblical stories like God speaking to Moses in the burning bush! I promise, when God does speak to you, it will probably be nothing like that! Let’s… Read More »