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Becoming God’s Vessel of Honor

Do you want to be a vessel of honor?  As I was reading Jeremiah 18:1-11, I saw the process of being made or perfected by God. God told Jeremiah to go down to the potter’s house and that He would cause him to hear His words. How important it is to cultivate hearing God’s voice. How important it… Read More »

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How to Stir up your Spiritual Gifts

If you are a believer and filled with the Holy Spirit, the Father has given you one or more spiritual gifts. You may suspect God is using you but may not know what to call it.  If your church does not teach on the gifts of the spirit or that God can use you in the gifts, it is… Read More »

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You Just Might a Prophet

Prophesying in the church is a part of Christian ministry.  It is just as important the uplifting of the Church.  However, if you prophesy, it doesn’t mean you’re a Prophet.  God can use us all in the gift of prophecy.   God will use any Christian who is open and available to the Holy Spirit. You can give a Prophetic… Read More »

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What are My Spiritual Holy Spirit Gifts?

Do you want to know your God-given gifts?  Spiritual gifts can seem mysterious to a believer, who hasn’t had a lot of teaching on the topic. I was fortunate enough to have received the Lord, during what was called “The a Spiritual Renewal.” Our little fellowship was on fire for God and evangelism, and the gifts of the… Read More »

Activate your Spiritual Gifts

Activate your spiritual gifts.  Every believer can be used in the gifts of the spirit.  Some show up on their own while others need to be encouraged and coaxed out or activated.   Gifts of the spirit definition:   The gifts of the spirit, (charismata) are spiritual abilities given by the Holy Spirit, for the blessing of others.  There… Read More »