Prayer for Marriages in Crisis

Pray for the marriages of those requesting prayer. Father come before you in the name of Jesus to pray for marriages in crisis.   We thank you that you are an ever-present help in a time of trouble.   We know that you hear the cries of your people and will not forsake us. We pray for this husband,… Read More »

God’s Grace Brings Healing

Accepting the Grace of God.  It is an overwhelming feeling when you realize, Jesus died not only for our sins but for the sin of the whole world.  How awesome it is to know that our Salvation has been paid in full. What kind of person would do that for someone like me? I would give my life for… Read More »

How to Stir up your Spiritual Gifts

If you are a believer and filled with the Holy Spirit, the Father has given you one or more spiritual gifts. You may suspect God is using you but may not know what to call it.  If your church does not teach on the gifts of the spirit or that God can use you in the gifts, it is… Read More »