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Spiritual Gifts Today – Activate your Spiritual Gifts

The gifts of the spirit, (charismata) are spiritual abilities given by the Holy Spirit, for the blessing of others. There are nine in all, which we will talk about further on this site.  When used with the compassion of Christ, wisdom and integrity, they are invaluable tools of ministry. These gifts used along with the fruit of the… Read More »

What is the Mark of a True Apostle?

The English word apostle is from the Greek word “apostolos,” which actually means a delegate, a messenger, a sent one or one sent forth with orders. And in the true sense of the word, every one that has heard the call of God and has gone forth in obedience to that call is termed a sent one.  Jesus… Read More »

Understanding the Gift of Prophecy

The gift of prophecy, is one of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit.  It is the preaching or declaring the Word of God by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  It is a spiritual declaration of God’s heart and purpose, for that specific time; given through a human vessel.  It is one of the inspirational gifts, along… Read More »

The Role and Character of the Holy Spirit

The work of the Holy Spirit in the bible The holy spirit first makes an appearance in Genesis.  Here we see his works in creation.  In Genesis 1:1-3b  And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.  And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.  We see the work of the holy… Read More »

Marriage Restoration Prayers – God Can Save your Marriage

Can God Save my Marriage? There is no guarantee you will never have a problem in your marriage, even if you are a Christian.  All marriages will have trials and tribulations.  Statistics can be quite discouraging, as over 50% of  marriages end in divorce.  Christian marriages are under particular attack, because the enemy does not want strong spiritual… Read More »

Why you Need Spiritual Discernment

Spiritual Discernment, is one of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit.  In the bible is called the gift of discerning of spirits.  It is the supernatural ability to  judge or discern whether the true nature of a thing, whether good or evil.    It is the ability to see or know what spirit is behind a person, place… Read More »