Women in Ministry – At Home and In the Field

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Ladies, even though you may not stand in a pulpit or have a license or ordination papers, you are women in ministry!  All too often, as women, your lives are occupied with work and family. These are extremely essential elements of your lives.  They are a part of your daily responsibilities; and that which is entrusted to us by the Lord. Being a Mom and caring for our families does not make us any less spiritual or important than those who serve in ministry.  Proverbs 31

Christian Moms

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Mothers are in the most powerful position to influence change in the world as we train our children. Our little ones are the clay that we have been given to mold into future followers of Christ.  As Moms, you are the world to your children. We are to transfer that love and devotion to an unseen God.  2 Corinthians 5:18.

Our children, regardless of age, look to us for guidance, comfort, and compassion.  As we teach them to say their prayers at night, to bless their food before they eat, to share and to consider the feelings of others, we are ministering Christ and teaching them the character that becomes a believer.  As we walk in love and patience, we are ministering Christ. As we love our husbands and treat them with respect, we are mirroring Christ.  Proverbs 22:6.

Working Moms

As women in who works outside the home, you are women in ministry! The workplace is another opportunity to be a light to our co-workers. Whether we know it or not, we are being watched, to see if we live what we preach. The workplace is the best place to say little and lives much.  Be on time, do more than is expected of you, don’t preach on the boss’s time, do not murmur or complain, and God will fight your battles.

You will find that when those you work with see the Glory of God in your life, they will come to you with their problems, and seek your counsel.  Proverbs 22:1.  Mothers are ministers indeed.  You will minister constantly, to your children, our spouses and those we work with.   Be encourage and know your labor is not in vain, know that even though you may not always get the praise you deserve, you are doing a great work, that will reap many rewards.  Galatians 6:9.

Women in Ministry

Culture played a big part in what women were allowed to do in the church.  Often what women weren’t allowed to do in real life, there were not allowed to do in the Church.  Before the turn of the century, women were not preachers or evangelists, as these were roles assigned to men.

Many of these women preached at a time in history where women’s sole duty was regulated to care for the home and her children.  It has to take great courage to step out to obey the call of God on these lives in spite of social norms.   Today most Christian leader believe it is allowed for a woman to be an evangelist and preach, teacher or prophet, but not a Pastor or Apostle.   God will not anoint you to do something he has not ordained you to do.  If God has given you a call, obey him!

Early Turn of the Century Women, Evangelists, Preachers, Teachers, Pastors and builders of Ministry

Aimee Semple McPherson was an evangelist and radio celebrity in the 1920s – 1930s.  She also was the founder of the Foursquare Church.  She received Jesus Christ at a revival meeting where the man who would be her husband was preaching.  This woman did things in her era that even men of her time dreamed to do.  It was said that she was more publicized that Billy Graham!  This lady preacher changed the Gospel of hell and brimstone to the Gospel of love!

Kathryn Johanna Kuhlman was born in Missouri in 1907. She received Christ at 13 years of age and later went on to become a traveling preacher. Kuhlman traveled extensively throughout the United States and abroad holding “healing crusades” between the 1940s- 1970s.  She was one of the most well-known healing ministers in the world.

Marie B. Woodworth-Etter was a Pentecostal preacher and leader.  In 1884, she was licensed to preach by the Churches of God in 1825. In the late 1880s, she started twelve churches organizations, built six church buildings, and started several Sunday Schools.  There were powerful manifestations of healing and miracles in her meetings.

Even earlier than these women check out, Harriett Livermore (1788-1868),
Salome Lincoln (1807-1841), and Abigail Roberts (1791-1841).

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