Will the Real Prophets Stand Up

 In every generation and in at all times, He has never left himself without a witness, the true Prophet. God is a God of wonder. He can never be caught unawares. He arranges and orders time and seasons, even before their dawn.

He fixes thing’s generations ahead without ever going close.   The devil has his own crowds and prophets; God has His true prophets. Satan in the generation of Moses in Egypt has his own magicians, sorcerers, and wise men, but God had His prophet-Moses.

The Prophet Elijah

In the generation and time of Elijah, Satan had his prophets of Baal, while God had His prophet-Elijah. (See Exodus 7 and 1 Kings 18, NKJV).  You see; all that God needed to handle the many prophets and servants of Satan was always just a man. He has not changed today. Just one true prophet is enough.

John the Baptist was a man… the Scripture says. (See John 1:6, NKJV).  If that be true, then the question we should ask today is, will the real prophets arise?  The true prophets of God speak the mind and heart of the Father.  When a true prophet speaks, it will come to pass, and the situation will be altered!

In the apostate Israel, Elijah – a man, arose and confronted the prophets of Baal and brought them right to their face and restore the nation of Israel back to the one and only true God.  But how could Elijah do that? Or better still, what gave Prophet Elijah the guts to do that? How could a single individual rise up and challenge the status quo of his day? How? If that’s the probing of your heart, then read on!  When a true prophet prays, nations rise and fall.

Elijah Knew His God

Firstly, the Scripture says in Daniel 11:32 that the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits.  Elijah knew His God.  As the Lord God of Israel lives before whom I stand, he declared (1 Kings 17:1). “The Lord God of Israel before whom I stand!” Can you say that of yourself right now as a servant of God? Until you know your God and then know yourself, you can not dare to stand up for God.  A true prophet of God is not lead by emotions nor traditions of man.

Paul Walked in Power and Discernment

Paul in seeking to bring the gospel to a governor in Acts Chapter 13 called down judgment on a sorcerer who withstood Him.  He rose to the occasion and brought the sorcerer to where he belongs.  I usually tell my friends and associates that every witch doctor, medicine man, and occult personality anywhere in the world is an opportunity for ministry.  The prophet hears the voice of God clearly and knows how to respond to what the Lord reveals to him.

Not by Might Nor by Power, but by My Spirit saith the Lord

When we go in the strength and knowledge of who we are and execute judgment on those who are servants of Satan seeking to resist the gospel, I believe we would bring revival to whole communities, cities and nations.
Secondly, Elijah was bold.

In short, being bold is a function of the knowledge of God and of who we are. If you read through the Acts of the apostle, you would discover that a common denominator among all the followers of Christ that were visible in that book was boldness.

They were men and women of bravery and courage. I know personally of some servants of God that had shaken our world for God who cannot ascribe their success to any spiritual gift whatsoever that was at work in them, but boldness. I know one who said, “I do all that I do because I take God at His word and step out in boldness of faith.” That’s what we need today.

The Boldness of Peter

Men and women who like Stephen are full of faith and power-filled with the Holy Spirit in true boldness. All that fearful Peter needed to be a true baptism with the Holy Spirit at the upper room and the rest is history today.
Then, it Moses’ time; then, it was Elijah’s day: now, this is your day.

What are you going to do? God is depending on you and on me to rise to the challenge of our world today but only in so far as we know Him in His fullness and be filled with His Holy Spirit in boldness and in faith, can we do this. I believe the world will yet witness another Elijah and another Moses-you.

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