Waiting on the Lord Ain’t Easy

All of us are waiting on the Lord, whether we know it or not. Waiting on God is the time we spend after we have prayed, waiting for an answer.  It is also the time we spend, in a time of worship and prays for the Lord to renew us.  Do you have a petition before the Lord, that has yet to be answered?

You are waiting on the Lord!  What is your attitude while when God do not answer right away?  Do you pout, get angry, are thankful, or praise the Lord?  As we are waiting, take this time to get closer to the Lord. In the waiting, you will begin to become fine-tuned to the voice of your Master. Waiting on the Lord is not a waste of our time, but it is a time when God is doing something in our hearts, our minds and spirits.

Waiting on the Lord takes Time and Develops Patience

While you are waiting on the Lord, for that husband, wife, business, house, a child; He is revealing our intentions,  showing us where to make adjustments in our thinking, and renewing us.  I love Isaiah 40:31.  There is also a song we used to sing containing that verse.

I loved the song.  “They that Wait Upon the Lord.”  As I sang it, my heart filled with the intent to seek God with patience and with my whole heart. The last verse of the song was…teach me, Lord, teach me Lord to wait.  As you mature in the Lord, you learn to accept that waiting is a part or life and that many things do not happen, just because you want them right away.

We are Challenged While Waiting

I do not say it is an easy thing, to wait on the Lord, especially when you are praying about pressing matters. We don’t like to wait, I too love a quick answer.  I have learned that I do not have a choice in the matter.  If we are not careful, we can become frustrated with God and charge Him falsely. “Why aren’t you listing to me?” “Why haven’t you answered my prayers?”

Isaiah 40:31 tell us that as we wait, the Father is giving us renewed strength, that we might soar as the eagles do; they fly above the storms of life, far above trouble.  Remember, our waiting is not in vain.  He hears the cry of our hearts and will answer.  I  love that old song we used to sing in the 80s. It echoes a wonderful prayer of the heart of one seeking God.

“…Teach me Lord to wait, down on my knees, until in your own good time, you answer my plea, teach me not to rely on what others do, but to wait in prayer for an answer from you.”

We are Perfected While Waiting

It has been said, in Christian circles that God’s answers in three ways; by telling us, 1.Yes, you can have what you asked for. 2. No, I have something better for you, and Not yet, continue to wait! We are being perfected in the fruit of the spirit as we are waiting. We are learning to stand firm on God’s promises, we are maturing as we lay before the Lord.

We are also being prepared to receive what we have been praying for.  You may begin in frustration, but if you allow yourself to go through the process, you will come out a different person. Job 23:10, But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.   So, wait I say, wait on the Lord!

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