How to Break Ungodly Soul Ties

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Ungodly Soul Ties.  In my last post, we talk about what is a soul tie?  Many people have ungodly soul ties with another person and don’t even realize it.  If you are being controlled by another person you may not be able to recognize it.

It is important to have a good support system with family, friends and Church family. There is an abundance of ungodly soul ties in the Church today. (Read What is a Soul tie!)

Soul Ties and Persons in Authority

There are spiritual leaders who use their authority to manipulate, bully or control their members.   An ungodly soul tie is established by control, manipulation, fear, intimidation, verbally abusive, mental abuse, physical abuse.

A person in authority, who is sleeping with a subordinate  is also the result it is the result of a manipulation on the part of the person in power, resulting in a soul-tie.

The object of the attention may feel they are in a relationship. However, they are being used and manipulated and will eventually be thrown away and the abuser will move on to someone else.

Can’t Cut the Apron Strings

If you are aware of what to look for, you can protect yourself and an unhealthy relationship before you become a victim.  It is very important to teach our children to stand up for themselves and to trust their instincts.  It is also important to try to establish an emotionally safe environment for your children.

When they are not afraid to confide in you what their fears, mistakes, and problems they are experiencing, you can protect them. If they can not trust you with their secrets, they will find someone else and too often they seek help from the wrong person.

We have all seen adult children who can not cut ties with parents, and parent who can not release their children.  You may have a boss who makes you cringe every time they call your name or friends that always try to control how you look, and what you do.  There are so many dynamics of ungodly soul ties.

Soul Ties with Parents

An ungodly soul tie can be established between a parent refuses to allow an adult child grow up. You have heard of the expression, “tied to his/her mother’s apron strings,”  or “mama’s boy”  or “daddy’s girl.”When a parent is unable to let an adult child stand on their own, make their own decisions and live their own life, the parent will encourage the relationship of dependence.

These parents refuse to cut the parent, child tie, causing their children to be emotional,  socially immature and dependent on direction and approval from the controlling parent.  In a healthy parent-child relationship, the parent encourages the child to gradual independence, until they can stand on their own.

Our children need to leave the home and assert their independence from the parents. Often these unnatural soul ties can not be broken except after the death of the parent and can still have a hold of the child even afterward.  You would hear the adult child saying, “Mother wouldn’t like this or Father wouldn’t want me to do that.”

Only when the person realizes they are in a bad situation and wants to be free from these negative influences will the person ever experience freedom.

Demonic Ungodly Soul Ties

The ungodly soul tie that controls people is demonic.  This bondage makes it difficult or almost impossible for the person to leave unless a disaster or intervention takes place.  Teens are often pulled into soul ties with friends whom they feel are smarter, more attractive or more popular than themselves.  They can not see when the relationship is unhealthy.

Once the soul tie is established, and control is given over to the abuser, often the person can be made to do things that are totally out of their character.  It is very difficult for parents to get their children to stay away from unhealthy relationships, when they are tied to that person, by an ungodly, or unnatural soul tie.

Signs you may have an Ungodly Soul Tie

  • You are afraid of someone you know
  • You are in an obsessive relationship
  • Unable to speak up or speak your mind to another
  • You are dominated in a relationship while you remain passive
  • You become fearful when that person comes in your presence
  • You have a friend who wants you to spend all your time with them
  • You are confused, afraid, miserable, but can or won’t leave the abuser
  • Someone who is abusing you, emotionally, physically or verbally, etc.
  • You are being controlled, manipulated or fearful of someone you feel you can’t say “no” to. Example: A Person in authority, or highly respected, like Priest, Boss, Pastor, etc.

Spiritual Abuse

I have known people who remain in ministries, where they were verbally and financially abused.  I have seen church members controlled with, the fear of being cursed or condemned or going to hell by their Pastors or spiritual leaders (LDS Mormon Church). This can take place not only in cults but churches of all denominations.  When you see this type of abuse run and not look back, not matter how they quote scripture or what their title!

  • Jim Jones
  • Eddy Long
  • LDS Mormon Church Leader -Warren Jeffs

No one should remain in a church where they are afraid of their pastor, or constantly berated, condemned or taken advantage of financially.  A good Pastor will not be intimidated when you don’t agree with them but will encourage you to read the scriptures for yourself.

No Christian leader should try to act as your Holy Spirit.  Never act on a prophetic word simply because someone tells you, God told them something.  As a child of God, if you have a relationship with God, He will speak to you just like he speaks to your Pastor.

How Soul Ties are Broken

Ungodly soul ties can be broken by separating from the person or organization that is controlling the person.  That means no contact at all!   The reason for this is, they will try to suck you in again, either with sweet words, promises or threats.  Seek healthy relationships, that respect, and love you for who you are, and that encourage you to be yourself!

  • Recognize you have given away your power
  • Renouncing any claim you gave the enemy over your life
  • Take verbal authority over the ungodly spirit
  • Verbally cut ungodly soul ties and have no further dealing with person
  • Get rid of anything associated with the person, pictures, gifts, move, etc.
  • Turn your heart, soul, mind over to the Lord
  • Get in fellowship with healthy people

12 thoughts on “How to Break Ungodly Soul Ties

  1. I know a Pastor that has an ungodly soul ties to a young lady in the church. The young lady is a trouble lady that grew up with hurt, rape, neglect and etc. The Pastor took her in like a daughter and let her start doing things in the church before time. As the years went by the young lady caused all kind of problems in the church with different Ministries. The people would confront the pastor but she wouldn’t do anything about it. God showed me it is a soul tie and that he was going to break it. I have seen God do something with this relationship but every time it seems like it breaking they pull harder on each other to stay in it. What do you do??

    1. Hello, Unknown. If you have a relationship with this pastor and are in good standing spiritually and with the church, I would speak to him about it in a non-confrontational, nonjudgemental way. If you don’t feel the Pastor respects your opinion, all you can do is pray.

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