Top Free Bible Study Software Review

Today’s Christian is savvier than ever before. People no longer take the Pastor’s word for it but will study the Bible for themselves. With internet availability, we now have the Bible and other study resources at our fingertips.

Many bible companies will allow you a free copy of their Bible software program, with the option of buying the program or extra features. Studying the Bible is so much easier than it was 30 years ago. I can still remember my kitchen table laid out with different bible versions, concordance, dictionary, and Bible commentaries.

Today you can find all these resources in one bible study software. When looking for a scripture, all you need to know is a few keywords. Enter them, and you will get a list of scriptures to choose from. A lot of people like to use the internet to do morning devotions. I have found amazing devotions, bible studies, concordance, and other resources to use at no cost at all.

Here is a list of free Bible software that I have used for a few years, and I find they all have similar and wonderful features that you will enjoy. There is now no reason not to study the Bible. The best thing about this software is that it is free. If you really love the program, you can purchase it with all the extensive features.

E-Sword Bible Software – This is one of the first bible study programs I used. At first, I could not believe that it was free, because it was a really great find. It is the first study program I used, and I found that it had everything I need to study and provides free updates for the free version.

You receive the basic Kind James bible, but you have the capability of adding on commentaries, bibles, dictionaries, maps, devotions such as Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon, Day by Day by Grace, and other inspiring resources.

I find the E-Sword, very easy to use, and the add-on feature is simple to install. You also have the option of purchasing more advanced resources. The program is set up in four panes, and you can easily compare bible versions.

How to Use E-Sword

Theophilos Free Bible Software

Theophilos – Theophilos offers a free version of bible software that is totally free with no registrations required and no expiration. With the program, you receive a King James Bible, Matthew Henry’s commentary, and Easton’s Bible Dictionary. They also offer narration of Bible passages with sound and intro music.  This Bible study program has an excellent program, and I believe it is worth taking a look at for its free Bible resources alone:

  • C. H. Spurgeon: All of Grace, C. H. Spurgeon: Daily Readings
  • C. I. Scofield: Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
  • Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy
  • Creeds of the Christian Faith
  • Daily Bible Readings
  • Early Church Fathers Vol. 1
  • Fox’s Book of Martyrs
  • J. Calvin: Biblical Commentaries,
  • John Bunyan: Some Sighs from Hell
  • John Flavel: On Keeping the Heart
  • Jonathan Edwards: Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
  • Complete works of Josephus: Against Apion, Antiquities of the Jews, The Wars of the Jews

Bible Study Software

Bible Explorer – Is another free downloadable Bible resource with no strings attached. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows. It includes over 200 free Bibles commentaries and dictionaries. System requirements are Windows 98, NT4x, 2000, Me, XP, Vista, or Windows 7.

Some of the features available on this program are daily Bible reading, discussion groups, daily devotions, and a library of resources such as bibles, cross-referencing, devotionals, history, maps, theology, and a word study.

Bible Explorer is not as simple to use as an e-Sword, but they have several training videos to help you get used to maneuvering throughout the program. I believe you can get a good and even extensive bible study with this program.

You can easily set up your most frequently uses resources on a toolbar for easier access.  Bible Explorer also has free add-ons and study, teaching, and preaching programs you can purchase. Bible Explorer has one of the most extensive features and resources I have seen.

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