Pray for the marriages of those requesting prayer.

Father come before you in the name of Jesus to pray for marriages in crisis.   We thank you that you are an ever-present help in a time of trouble.   We know that you hear the cries of your people and will not forsake us. We pray for this husband, this wife, this family.  Cover them with your precious blood and bring healing and restoration of communication and relationship.  

Lord, we ask that you comfort them in their time of sadness.   Pour in the oil and wine and bring and cause your peace cover their minds, bodies souls and home.  We rebuke the spirit of darkness and come against demonic spirit.  We come against division, anger, abuse, adultery, indifference, abandonment and despair.

Lord, you have ordained marriage and by this covenant, you have made them one flesh.  We take authority over the enemy that comes to kill, steal and destroy their union.   Father, we know that no weapon formed against them shall prosper. 

Release your heavenly angels to minister your grace and mercy.  Bring unity, where there is division, love where there is coldness, understanding where there is confusion, compassion where there is hardness of heart, and restoration where there is brokenness.  For those who do not know you as Lord and Savior, open their eyes and heart to know you that they need you in their lives.  To those who are backslidden, bring them back to the cross of Jesus Christ. 

Right now we decree that every work of darkness be revealed and the light of Jesus Christ shine in every dark place.  We drive a wedge between any man or woman who would try to separate this marriage.  Lord send your Holy Spirit and let those in adultery have no rest from your convictionTouch each hardened heart, open the eyes of those who are being deceived.  

Lord, know that you have heard this prayer and we believe the Holy Spirit is moving in the lives of these couples and these families.    We thank and praise you for the victory and for what you are doing right now, in Jesus name.  Amen.

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  1. R. Rao. Thank you for leaving your prayer request. We pray that the spirit of Christ will abide in your house continually and that he ties you and Lakshmi’s heart together with his divine love. We pray for a new commitment to the Lord and the marriage.

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