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How to Prophesy in Church

How to prophesy in church.  Do you have the gift of prophecy but are not sure how or when to prophesy in church?    We would like to give you some basic guidelines on how to use your gift to bless the body of Christ.  Keep in mind God uses everyone differently, the what remains the same is that… Read More »

The Gift of Prophecy – 3 Important Facts

What is the gift of prophecy?  Can anyone prophesy?  Do you have to be ordained to give a prophetic word?  If you are a Christian and believe only certain people can be used in the gift of prophecy, you are mistaken.  This spiritual gift is one of the most important to the Body of Christ.  God uses prophecy to teach, encourage… Read More »

What is the Holy Spirit

The Nine gift of the Holy Spirit.   What are they?  How do they operate, are they still for today and how do I know if I have them?    We want to explore gifts and fruits of the holy spirit and their meanings in this site.  There are many questions about the Gifts of the Spirit can be found… Read More »