Singing in the Spirit – Experience the Song of the Lord

By | June 4, 2014

Did you know that singing in the spirit can catapult you to the heights of worship?  I remember the first time I attended Sunday service, after receiving Jesus into my heart. The congregation sang some very beautiful and moving songs, that really touched my heart.  

Soon everyone began to sing not in English, but in languages, I couldn’t understand. They sang in an angelic melody, that was pure and complete harmony. It was so overwhelming. I almost fell off my seat! It was beautiful. It was heaven!  John 7:38

The bible says you can sing in the spirit, as well as pray in the spirit.  But what does that mean?   Singing in the spirit, or the song of the Lord, is a form of praise to God, which when done during your private time at home or in a congregation, it helps to tune out everything around you, and suddenly you are in His presence.  There is nothing like it! 1  Corinthians 14:15.

Singing in the spirit is usually followed by an intense time of praise, then worship.   It is the highest point in the service when with one heart, and one spirit, we ascend to God!  If you are baptized in the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues, you can sing in the spirit. We talk more about the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Entering into the Holy Place

The Holy Place is the section of the tabernacle tent, where the High Priest ministered to God.  The tabernacle consisted of the outer court and separated by a curtain, the inner court.  The inner room was the Holy of Holies. 

Today we are the tabernacles of God and we have been privileged to enter into the Holy of Holies anytime we want.  Hebrews 6:9-20.

When I was a girl, I attended St. Martins Episcopal Church.  I was often moved when the Father went down the church aisle waving the incense, followed by the altar boys,  It was beautiful and majestic.  It was holy to me. 

It symbolized, entering into the holiest place, and offering our prayers as a sweet-smelling flavor to the Lord.   Now, we can go to the Lord on our own.  We do not need the priest to take us there because we are the priests and vessels of God!  When we sing to the Lord, our songs rise to heaven as our offering to the Father.

Why Speak in Tongues

Some people want the Holy Spirit baptism, but don’t want the prayer language or tongues.  Don’t you know, it is a package deal. Your supernatural language is one of the most powerful tools, the Lord has given us, to communicate with the Lord, to pray bulls-eye prayers, and to do warfare against the enemy. Don’t let the enemy trick you into rejecting this most precious blessing, your prayer language.  I Corinthians14:14, 15.

The Holy Place is the section of the tabernacle tent, where the priest ministered to God. The tabernacle consisted of the outer court and separated by a curtain, the inner court.  The inner room was the Holy of Holies.  Today we are the tabernacles of God and we have are privileged to enter into the Holy of Holies any time we want.  Hebrews 6:9-20.

Singing in the Spirit

Singing in the spirit can be done by anyone who is filled with the spirit.  It can be done anytime, just as when speaking in tongues. It is an intimate part of your communication with the Father as the song flows effortlessly out of your spirit.

This song is something that is not learned, but your spiritual song is not like anyone eases, but is compatible and blends with others singing their own song.   1Corinthians 14:14-15

The song of the Lord is inspired by the Holy Spirit and orchestrated by God. Singing in the Spirit can only be done when we have abandoned self and open our hearts to the Lord.

When you are e singing in the spirit, all weights, burdens, sorrows, and worry have disappeared as your spirit soars in Praise to the awesome God! 

It is in this spiritual state that opened the flow of the gifts of the spirit, to bless the congregation.  Many will experience, being in heavenly places, and most often it is here, where you will receive a vision, prophecyor something from the spirit that will minister to either you or someone else.

How do you Sing in the Spirit?

Example of Singing in the Spirit

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You just begin!  That’s right, God will not take you over, or make you worship him.  It is an act of your will, it is an act of surrender and worship in one of its highest forms.  Open your mouth and begin to sing praises to God. “I bless your Lord, I bless your name of God, I sing praises to your Lord, I bless your holy name. 

Just begin to make melody in your heart, and sing in your prayer (tongues) language whatever comes out.  The melody will rise and fall with the spirit and you will be lifted into a new place in the spirit.  Try it, you’ll like it!

 If you are not sure if you have it or not, find out how to know if you are filled with the Holy Ghost.   If you have not received the gift of the holy spirit pray to receive it.

4 thoughts on “Singing in the Spirit – Experience the Song of the Lord

  1. anabelle

    Praise be to god, thanks for posting about the spiritual gift, i praise god because he gave me a gift, but i do know how to use it,, but when in worship i notice that i am singing in a deeper voice wherein i do not know when it goes , to god be the glory

    1. P. Lipscomb Post author

      The greatest way to stir up your spiritual gifts is in worship. Begin to ask God, if he want your to pray for someone, or if you have a word of encouragement for someone. He will direct you.

    2. P. Lipscomb Post author

      There are times right after worship that the Lord will wants to use us to give you a word for the body of Christ. Everyone experiences this differently.

    3. Pamela Lipscomb Post author

      Annabelle, thanks so much for your comment. I have experienced the same thing while in worship. I believe it is the weight of the Glory of God on you. The next time you are in worship, just try singing in the spirit and see what happens! Let us know what happens.

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