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Women in Ministry – The Side Unseen

Ladies, even though you may not stand in a pulpit or have a license or ordination papers, you are women in ministry!  All too often, as women your lives are occupied with work and family. These are extremely essential elements of your lives. They are a part of your daily responsibilities; and that which is entrusted to us… Read More »

Becoming God’s Vessel of Honor

Do you want to be a vessel of honor?  As I was reading Jeremiah 18:1-11, I saw the process of being made or perfected by God. God told Jeremiah to go down to the potter’s house and that He would cause him to hear His words. How important it is to cultivate the hearing of God’s voice. The… Read More »

How to Walk through an Open Door

An open door is an opportunity put before us by God.  You have heard the expression, “When the Devil closed a door, God will open a window.”  An open door does not necessarily pertain to spiritual things.  It could be an opportunity on your job.  A physical move to another state or a relationship that can lead to… Read More »